Uniquely positioned to maximize your presence in the specialty segment

Our core values are driven by the desire to offer beer drinking enjoyment to the world's connoisseurs. Bavaria is so much famous and loved for its beer culture, the Wittelsbach family has influenced the tradition of cozy places as the beer gardens, where people spend time together while having an excellent food and drink.

We operate with an excellent standard of competence in brewing and marketing and cooperate with international teams that value partnership.
Our goal is to improve local brewing performance to reach excellence. We do not give up until the market positioning is that of a highly recognized and accepted brand. This is not only realised in the labs and controlling departments - our promise becomes true by passion and certainty. Our beer drinker is the one who does not make compromises in quality and will spend the money such a performance is worth. We aim to get in touch with the substantial number of these connoisseurs in any market. We want to make them into the opinion leaders for beer enjoyment at its best. More and more specialty brands are outperforming mainstream lagers.

By provenance and heritage our beers and brands fulfill the demand for pure beers, taste profiles and authentic varieties.

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