Welcome to Partnering with König Ludwig International

König Ludwig International has a long tradition of successful partnerships. We recognize that the best achievements are always the result of teamwork. Our company has more than 30 years experience in the licensing of "know-how" and our brands - the Royal Bavarian beer specialties.
The company is controlled and managed by HRH Prinz Luitpold von Bayern. He is a member of the Royal family of Bavaria. Their expertise in the brewing business can be traced back to 1260. Over almost 800 centuries they set such important milestones as the Purity Law of 1516, the wheat beer monopoly, the foundation of the Brewing University at Freising, the beer garden edict and the world famous Oktoberfest.

This legacy is an integral element of our beers and brands. Our brewing know-how, quality and brand management have been developed and fine-tuned over the centuries.
No wonder that this quality performance is evidenced by our regular success in international beer competitions and quality evaluations, such as the DLG, WBA and European Beer Star.

Our beers are borne in the cellars of Kaltenberg Castle, where beer has been brewed since 1871, and is still a Royal residence. Today, we are known for our high-end specialty beers and unique brands, with truly Royal provenance and authentic Bavarian portfolio, originating from the Kaltenberg Castle Kaltenberg - Royal Bavarian Beer was the first brand which went successfully abroad and became the our international umbrella brand for finest Bavarian beer styles.
König Ludwig Dunkel is the our leading icon of Bavarian dark lager. With König Ludwig Weissbier we offer exquisite wheat beer specialties.

We have license partners in over 10 markets. Where-ever we our beers are locally produced, we have proven the capability to replicate world-wide the same high standard in quality, taste and brand positioning. We have in our home market, guided by our rich legacy.

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